Thursday, August 23, 2012


I know, I know!  I'm way past due for photo updates.   As a matter of fact, the photos I'm posting below are out of date, and much has been done since these were taken, BUT I want to keep things in order.

The plumbing and electrical crew completed the rough-in, and the excavation team has been busy outside grading the lot, moving dirt to lower areas, and trying to smooth out the steep slope on the driveway and front yard a little. They are doing a great job, and I really like the guys working on it. Here's our nice dozer guy:

We've completed the first stage of insulation (the second stage happens AFTER the top floor in drywalled) and started the drywall installation.  Insulating a new home involves a heck of a lot of other things besides just your typical roll insulation. They seal the top floor framing to the basement, they fill all the holes drilled into the wall studs and subfloors (for electric and plumbing) with firestop foam, and the do some interesting things around the overhead exterial roof areas with cardboard and insulation. We were impressed!

 We had a little hiccup at the building inspection and the inspector had to come out again, but we were approved and ready to move on.  While all this was going on inside, the siding and stone folks were finishing up the outside.

 And then they finished....and it looked fabulous.   Well at least we certainly think so.  :)

The Canuck and I are having a great time building this house. Of course, there have been a couple of frustrating moments and a couple of challenges, but nothing too tough and nothing so stressful that it's taken away from the job of the process and the thrill of building our own house.  We are loving it.

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