Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More photos...

Here are just a few more shots of the inside, the HVAC trenching (we are putting in geothermal), and the rough outside work.   More coming - we are now just about finished with the rough in, roofing and siding!  WOO HOO!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Just a little update on construction. The framing is just about completed (just a couple of minor items to finish) and the same goes for the roofing.  The Electrician, plumber, and HVAC technicians have moved in and begun the rough in of utilities and today, the garage doors are being installed.  Perfect timing considering you don't want to lay copper electrical wires or install HVAC units and not be able to lock up the house.  YIKES!  After today, it'll be locked up tighter than a drum....and construction can continue.

Here are a few photos.  First the front.  You can barely tell from the photo but the shingles are on there - Owens Corning Dimensional shingle in Onyx Black, which is really a charcoal gray to medium gray shaded shingle.  LOVE THEM!   We are still building up the driveway a bit in front of the garage to eliminate the steep slope, but that's coming along nicely.

Then a side view of not only the two-decked patio/porch on the house, but the new porch we are having installed on our old barn.  We'll repaint the barn as soon as we have some extra time in the next couple of months.  :)   The piece of machinery on the right of the photo is what they brought in to dig the trenches for the geothermal system (more on that to come).

And, a view of the back.  From this direction, the house looks so bigger than I thought it would.  The size surprises me everytime I look at it.
So we're moving right along....and having a great time!